What is cranberry juice for and how to drink it?

It should be noted that lingonberry juice has an incredibly bright and unforgettable taste. It is slightly bitter. If we believe the popular sayings, there is no human problem in which the rosehip (especially its juice) cannot help.

Chemical and vitamin content

Cranberry juice contains the same chemical and vitamin composition as the berry itself.

  1. The micronutrients are manganese, iron, zinc, phosphorus, chromium, copper, selenium, and iodine.
  2. Up to 35% useful sugar:
  3. 27% carotene, more than in carrots.
  4. Vitamin C (75%), more than in lemons and raspberries, rose hips and blueberries.
  5. many organic acids. Among them, valeric acid stands out, rare and very abundant here.
  6. There is also a lot of pectin in combination with selenium.
  7. The tannin content, which is abundant here, is high along with resinous ethers.
  8. Tannin with coumarin and sucrose.
  9. Vitamins A, E, P and K.

Keep in mind that raspberries, especially their juice is the best of all hematopoietic herbal remedies.

Benefits: what is the juice for

In order to understand what is useful cranberry juice, you need to refer to folk medicine and recipes based on it.

Its usefulness has been proven

  1. In colds and kidney diseases;
  2. With a runny nose;
  3. from arterial hypertension;
  4. In diseases of the eyes;
  5. For the treatment of cysts.

Its usefulness is also manifested in:

  1. To improve well-being in both types of diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension, cardiac ischemia.
  2. In reducing the level of bad cholesterol.
  3. Relieve the course of angina pectoris.
  4. Relief of cold cough in inflammation of the lungs.
  5. cure bronchial asthma
  6. Improve the gastrointestinal tract in digestive disorders in stomach diseases and their preconditions. Among these diseases, colitis/enterocolitis and gastritis/ulcerations stand out.
  7. Relief in case of metrorrhagia (abundant uterine bleeding).

Harms and contraindications

Above, this article reviewed everything about the benefits of cranberry juice, but unfortunately, like any other product, it has contraindications and, if consumed without control, it can cause irreversible damage to the body.

Among the people who are strictly contraindicated to drink cranberry juice are:

  1. People prone to thrombosis,
  2. Those who have constantly low blood pressure. Hypotensive people, since one of the most important therapeutic properties of cranberry is considered to be its ability to rapidly lower blood pressure.
  3. Those who have severe blood clotting problems,
  4. Pregnant women, since it can cause involuntary uterine contractions. This means that childbirth can be premature with possible loss of the baby.
  5. People with gout, arthritis and kidney diseases, since it has a high purine content,
  6. If they have a history of urolithiasis,
  7. People with excessive acidity in gastric juices.

The juice must be drink with great caution in cases where the body may be harmed. For example:

  1. The body will show an allergic reaction in the form of a rash if the juice is consumed without control, since it has a high vitamin “C” content.
  2. When there is a unique individual intolerance to the bitterness of the blueberry, there may be fevers of diverse gravity.

Blueberry juice recipes

Known for a long time for its medicinal properties, the red blueberry berry is used in drinks prepared from it. These are snacks, syrups, compotes and, of course, juice.

Red blueberry juice can be prepared according to different recipes. The main thing is to strictly follow the recommendations of the chosen recipe and all the proportions, especially the berries with sugar. Its flavor should not be too acidic.

Before heating the raspberries, you have to select them and clean them with twigs, remains and any other dirt.

“Classic” recipe.

This is the most common of all known options to prepare your own blueberry juice.

Ingredients to make a liter of juice

  1. Fresh mature red blueberries – 1. 5 kg
  2. Mineral water without gas – 300 g
  3. Powder/ground sugar – 300 g – optional, according to the wishes of the person who prepares it
  4. Fresh Limones/Limas – 150 g

Strict algorithm to make juice:

  1. Rinse the berries well and pour over them boiling water. Put them in a saucepan. Leave them a quarter of time covered.
  2. Drain the water and crush the berries with a wooden spoon or a spatula.
  3. Place the crushed berries on a fine mesh strainer or in four layers of gauze. Drain the berries.
  4. Add the water in which the berries were soaked to the resulting blueberry liquid. Remove it. Add the sugar. Remove. Bring to boiling and let cool.
  5. Existenta the juice of fresh lemons, after boiling them, with a citrus squeezer, if possible electric.
  6. Add the lemon/lime juice freshly made to blueberry juice and is ready to drink and enjoy.

Kitchen recipe with sugar (for lon g-term conservation)

This is one of the most common recipes to make blueberry juice. It is the basis on which the juices sold by berries and fruits are prepared.

The difference between this recipe and all others is that red blueberries do not undergo thermal treatment.

Ingredients for a liter of juice

  1. Grain sugar – 500 g
  2. Raspberries in grain. Fresh and mature – 1. 5 kg
  3. Mineral water without gas – as much as you need.


  1. Rinse and peel the berries.
  2. Watch them in a saucepan or a cooking container and cover them with mineral water, so that three centimeters is above the berries.
  3. Put the saucepan/pan fills over low heat and cook the berries until they have been completely softened. The blueberries will gradually settle as they are cooked. This is a sign that the time has come to remove the infusion of the fire and let it cool.
  4. Pass the mass cooled by a fine strainer and pour the resulting light juice into a small bowl / bowl, where there is a hermetic lid.
  5. Cover the chosen bowl with a lid and let infuse for at least three hours.
  6. Once the juice has infusted (a cloudy sediment and separate should fall), you should strain and pour into a smaller container (pot / sweep) put over medium heat and, as soon as it boils, pour the necessary amount of sugar. Cook until the sugar has dissolved completely in the juice, stirring constantly. You can change the fire to bass.
  7. Fold a large piece of gauze into 4 layers and strain the hot sweet juice.
  8. Pour the blueberry juice into clean and sterilized bottles/bottles and close immediately with adequate (sterilized) tapas. Wrap. Put them face down.
  9. Once cold, the jars/bottles can be stored and drink when necessary.

The juice made with this recipe will be kept for at least a year.

Pulp juice recipe

The most medicinal of all types of blueberry juice is pulp. It is the most useful.

The difference in the preparation of this juice with respect to all the others is that you must first make a strong sugar syrup. For a kilo of berries, the syrup is made with 150 grams of water and the same amount of sugar.

Once the syrup is done, pour red blueberries and cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until the mixture breaks to boil. Then let infuses for an hour under the lid and remove from the heat. Pass the sweetened sweet dough through a fine mesh strainer or a folded gauze 4 times. Pour the ready juice into sterilized jars and close immediately with suitable tapas.

Characteristics of the application of blueberry juice

A special characteristic of the application of red blueberry juice is that it can be used in various industries. It can be used everywhere as one of the ingredients of a popular recipe or in its pure form. For example:

In popular medicine

There are several wel l-known effective therapeutic recipes based on natural red blueberry juice, which popular healers recommend quite frequently. Thanks to such media, various diseases can be cured rapidly and permanently.

Recipe 1. For migraine and ordinary headache

A mixture of natural ingredients – blueberry juice with honey (in equal proportions) – made with natural ingredients should be drink hot at least three times a day for one day. The headache will be relieved and there will be no consequences. It also helps reduce appetite and atherosclerosis, both during treatment and preventively. The mixture is also used as a vitamin remedy

With current headaches, it is enough to drink a glass of blueberry juice so that the discomfort disappears in just a quarter of an hour. It’s like taking a pill announced as an analgesic.

Drinking this juice is useful for all types of neurosis, during menopause, fever and weakness. And especially during the manifestation of chronic fatigue syndrome.

In cosmetology

The red blueberry juice is indispensable in cosmetics. It is mainly used externally.

For example, if there are skin problems. It can be eczema, black points/outbreaks, herpes and facial eruptions. Cleaning your face with a cotton baston moistened in the juice will quickly relieve inflammation and quantitatively reduce eruptions. Using the juice for three days, its smoothness, color and solve all external problems can be returned to the skin.

To rejuvenate the skin, just put a cloth soaked in the juice on the face for a quarter of an hour every day.

In the kitchen

Pumpkin juice is actively used in the kitchen. Based on it you can prepare all kinds of desserts. For example, marshmallows and jelly. It is used to make snacks and vitamin teas. Burned juice can be collected and conserved for a long time, using it all year for any purpose. This juice should be in all homes.

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