basket 5 nozhek
Baskets 5 original legs – KFC AE
Weight: 540g Baskets 5 original legs Baskets 5 Original Legs is an exceptionally tasty, nutritious and affordable snack.Two small portions of golden French fries and 5 tasty chicken thighs with a crispy
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Mixing box – KFC AE
Weight: 170g Mixing box The Mix Box is a tasty recipe for a good mood.The original tempura nuggets, previously coated in a special batter and fried until crispy, have an incomparable flavor and aroma.
chiken pita
Chicken Pita – KFC AE
Weight: 210g Chicken Pita Crispy pita with fresh vegetables and herbs in a tasty oriental sauce with chicken fillet. The composition of the Chicken Pita Original chicken fillet in strips Flat bread iceberg
sanders kartofel fri
Saunders Crisps – KFC AE
Weight: 158g Saunders Crisps Saunders Fries are a serving of sliced French fries with crispy fried onions in the original sauce. Composition frozen fries Vegetable oil – Vegafry mix Dip Fried onions
rajzer v kfs menju
Riser – KFC AE
Weight: 121g Riser Reiser is a hot bun with egg and cheese in barbecue sauce. Composition of the elevators Biscuit Snack Toastie Fried egg Barbecue sauce Cheese calories for calorie Calories: 220 kcal Protein: 11.
sok j7 apelsinovyj 02
J7 0.2 liter orange juice – KFC AE
Volume 0.2 liters J7 0.2 liter orange juice Calories: 92kcal Carbohydrates: 22.4 Allergens: –
kofe amerikano
American KFC – KFC AE
American Coffee 0.2l American Coffee 0.3l The Caffè Americano is a natural coffee “JARDIN EXPRESSO GUESTO”, mixed with water.Roasted premium coffee beans provide unparalleled flavor, pleasant
syrniki v kfs menju
Cheese cakes – KFC AE
Weight: 100g Cheese cakes Cheesecakes: Delicate sweet and savory cheesecakes with a selection of jam are a delight for those with a sweet tooth.Don’t forget to have a refreshing cup of coffee with them!
9 ostryh krylev v kfs menju
9 sharp wings – KFC AE
Weight: 225g 9 sharp wings KFS 9 Spicy Chicken Wings are made for an unforgettable flavor experience.Meat coated in flour and spicy breading, fried in a special mixture of vegetables.
hot dog v kfs menju
Hot dog – KFC AE
Weight: 124g Hot dog hot dog ingredients Danish hot dog bun Hot dog pickled cucumbers Heinz Original Mustard Sauce in Oil tomato ketchup Jalapeno Hot Peppers fresh onions Nutritional value: 872 kcal Calories