syrnye podushechki
Cheese cushions – KFC SA
Delicate cheese, toasted in a crispy breading.The perfect appetizer or complement to your favorite dishes.It tastes even better with cranberry sauce. Cheese cushions Size: 5 pieces Caloric content: 383
1 basket m
M baskets – KFC SA
Medium cube of spicy breaded chicken wings – 22 pieces. M baskets Weight: 550 grams Caloric content: 304 kcal Protein: 19.6 grams Fat: 20.8 grams Carbohydrates: 9. 8 grams
tvister dzhunior
Twister Junior – KFC SA
Cheesy flatbread, two juicy original breaded chicken strips, mustard, ketchup, cheese, pickles and onions – the perfect snack! Twister Junior Weight: 153 grams Caloric value: 231 kcal Protein: 13.
1 pati basket
Patio basket – KFC SA
Try KFC’s Super Mega Potato Potato Baskets.A cube of crispy and delicious potatoes, spicy bites and cheese sauce – you’ll love it! Patio basket Weight: 163 grams. Caloric content: 255 Kcal Protein: 10.
boksmaster originalnyj
Original BoxMaster – KFC SA
Hard reset!A powerful boost of energy in our BoxMaster!Juicy chicken fillet in original or spicy crispy breading, French fries, a slice of cheese, tomato slices, lettuce and a delicate sauce in a hot tortilla: dynamic and tasty!
shefburger dzhunior ostryj
Chef Junior Spicy – KFC SA
Two juicy chicken strips in a spicy breading, lettuce, spicy pickles, onions, house burger sauce, and a black and white sesame bun. Chef Junior Spicy Weight: 161 grams Caloric content: 250 kcal Protein: 13.
1 brejker
Breaker – KFC SA
Tender hot bun, freshly fried egg, slices of delicious bacon, soft cheese, mayonnaise sauce and barbecue sauce.A bright start to a new day! Breaker Weight: 178 grams. Caloric content: 236 Kcal Protein: 11.
1 morozhenoe snikers
Snickers ice cream – KFC SA
KFC’s favorite combination of milk chocolate, smooth caramel and roasted peanuts, now in a smooth and creamy ice cream. Snickers ice cream Weight: 170 grams Caloric content: 186 Kcal Protein: 3.
akva minerale gazirovannaya 05 l
Sparkling water Aqua Minerale 0.5 l – KFC SA
Aqua Minerale sparkling mineral water is perfectly refreshing and suitable as a drink to accompany a favorite dish. Sparkling water Aqua Minerale 0.5 l Volume: 0.5L Caloric content: 0 kcal Protein: 0 grams
lipton chaj limon butylka 05 l
0.5l bottle lemon tea – KFC SA
Lemon flavor lipton tea is ideal for cooling and is suitable as a drink to accompany your favorite food. 0.5l bottle lemon tea Volume: 500 ml Weight: 500 grams Caloric content: 27 kcal Proteins: 0 grams