medium sanders kombo originalnoe 1d8c64aaac
Original Combo Sanders – KFC AU
Original Combo Sanders 1PC original chicken thigh + small fries + hamburger sandwich with cheese and onion
medium lanchbasket 5 za 200 abf6712d2b
LunchBasket 5 by 200 – KFC AU
LunchBasket 5 by 200 Twister Junior Special + 2 Chinking wings / 3 Nuggets + Small Fried Potatoes / Field Potatoes + Cupcake + Drink Choice of 0.4L (Pepsi Cola, Mirinda, Saven Up, &
medium basket s 1be9b08d64
Cestas S – KFC AU
Cestas S 12 Chicken wings spicy empanadas
medium boksmaster ostryj 78e4800a36
Boxmaster Sharp – KFC AU
Boxmaster Sharp A total reboot! A powerful energy boost in our Boxmaster! Juicy chicken fillet in original or spicy crunchy empanado, chips, a slice of cheese, tomato slices, lettuce and a delicate sauce
medium domashnij basket originalnyj novyj 80971ea182
New original home baskets – KFC AU
New original home baskets 10-piece chicken wings, original chicken fillet strips 8 pieces, original chicken thighs 6 pieces
medium lanchbasket 5 za 250 c6521f962f
Lunchbasket 5 – KFC AU
Lunchbasket 5 Original twister / spicy + 2 strips Original / spicy + small chips / small potato segments + cupcake + drink 04L (Pepsi Cola, Mirinda, Saven-up, & quot; Lipton & Quot; Varied tea)
Mixing box – KFC AU
Mixing box Bytes 95g + 5 nuggets
medium kartofel fri standartnyj fb37a21269
Standard fries – KFC AU
Standard fries Even more flavor! We have further preserved the taste of their favorite potatoes in our large slices. They are like you like: with a delicious crispy crust and a soft and crumbly center.
medium pati boks 175e0d8256
Patty box – KFC AU
Patty box Bytes, standard fries and salsa: the perfect set for a light appetizer
medium basket 8 ostryh nozhek a3b765ce6f
Baskets 8 sharp legs – KFC AU
Baskets 8 sharp legs 8 sharp legs, Std chips.