basket l 1
Basket L – KFC MY
A big bucket of wings for the true connoisseurs of succulent Sanders chicken that makes their mouths water. A great choice for company – 30 spicy chicken wings, crispy patties with 11 spices and
tvister ostryj
Spicy Twister – KFC MY
Take a known flavor in a new way. Try the tender chicken fillet in a spicy empanado, wrapped in slices on a crunchy wheat hamburger, crowned with tomato slices, fresh iceberg lettuce and special and roasted
chay 03
Black/green tea 0.3 litres – KFC MY
When the weather is cold, you want something hot to drink and tea is a great way to warm up quickly. Choose black or green tea at KFC. Do you like sweeter? Add sugar or try a donut, brownie or other dessert.
kartofel fri basket
Basket fries – KFC MY
A large serving of Chips – a basket of juicy, tender inner slices of select potatoes with a crispy crust – is the perfect accompaniment to a set of 14, 22 or 30 spicy chicken wings and other
tvister de lyuks ostryj
Twister De Luxe Spicy – KFC MY
If you like the Twister, but it’s too little for a completely satisfying meal, try this same dish in De Luxe format! Tender Sanders chicken strips in a special spicy breading, wrapped in a delicious
kombo twister de lyuks
Deluxe Twister Combo – KFC MY
KFC’s Heartiest Combo: Twister de Luxe with Spicy or Original Chicken Strips in Sanders Signature Breadcrumbs, a standard serving of French Fries and a choice of 0.3L Tea or 0.
salat vedgi
Wedge salad – KFC MY
Add some vitamins to your lunch of tasty chicken and tender potatoes with this low-calorie Wedgie Salad.Nothing extra, just the healthiest produce: fresh green iceberg lettuce leaves and juicy tomato slices
kombo shefburger de lyuks
Deluxe Chef Combo – KFC MY
Lunch combo of Chef de Luxe’s fried chicken in original or spicy breading, plus standard fries and a drink – 0.3 black or green tea or 0.5l.Miranda, Pepsi or 7Up. The set costs less than the
salat chiken
Chicken salad – KFC MY
Spicy chicken, delicious potatoes… What more do you need for a hearty lunch?A salad, of course. Try this salad made with fresh iceberg lettuce leaves, juicy tomato slices and tender bites: crispy
diskaveri basket
Discovery basket – KFC MY
A game of three different types of chicken for lovers of variety. Try the Discovery Basket, which includes 1 juicy piece of fried chicken, 1 original tender breaded chicken fillet, 2 spicy chicken wings and mini fries.