Basket fries – KFC MY

kartofel fri basket

A large serving of Chips – a basket of juicy, tender inner slices of select potatoes with a crispy crust – is the perfect accompaniment to a set of 14, 22 or 30 spicy chicken wings and other Sanders chicken specialties. And for a richer flavor, you can add any sauce of your choice.

Basket fries

Weight – 240g.

Per 100g.

On the plate

calories276 calories662 calories
Protein3.8 g9.1 g
fats15.5 g.37.2 g
carbohydrates30.1 g72.2 g

*The weights and the figures of the energy and nutritional values may vary between the restaurant chains, periodic changes in the composition and formulation of the products are also allowed without prior notice.

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