Black/green tea 0.3 litres – KFC MY

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When the weather is cold, you want something hot to drink and tea is a great way to warm up quickly. Choose black or green tea at KFC. Do you like sweeter? Add sugar or try a donut, brownie or other dessert. You already know that sweets help to quickly lift your spirits and improve your life, right?

Black/green tea 0.3 litres

The weight is 300g.

Per 100g.

in a dish

calories20 calories60 calories
Protein0 g.0 g.
fats0 g.0 g.
carbohydrates5 g.15 g.

*The weights and the figures of the energy and nutritional values may vary between the restaurant chains, periodic changes in the composition and formulation of the products are also allowed without prior notice.

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