kombo 2 shefburger dzhunior
Combo 2 (Chefburger Junior)
Combo 2 (Chefburger Junior) – KFC. Junior chef burger + standard fries + cheese sauce + Pepsi in 0.5 l bottle Weight: 74 gr. Proteins: 3.7 gr. Fat: 17 gr. Carbohydrates: 32 gr. Calories: 296 kcal.
kombo 3 tvister
Combo 3 (Twister)
Combo 3 (Twister) – KFC. Original Twister + Standard Chips + Cheese Dip + Pepsi in a 0.5 liter bottle Weight: 74 gr. Proteins: 3.7 gr. Fat: 17 gr. Carbohydrates: 32 gr. Calories: 296 kcal.
kartofel fri malyy
Small fries
Small fries – KFC. Even more flavor!We’ve further preserved the flavor of your favorite French fries in our large slices.They come out just how you like them: with a deliciously crispy crust
basket 5 nozhek
5 foot baskets
Five-legged baskets – KFC. You never have too many baskets. Get to know what’s new! Baskets 5 Legs, 2 small potatoes. Weight: 139 gr. Proteins: 3 gr. Fat: 3.1 gr. Carbohydrates: 28.
pati boks
Patty box
Bytes, chips and standard sauce – the perfect set for a light snack Weight: 279 gr. Proteins: 23.1 gr. Fats: 12.8 gr. Carbohydrates: 8.1 gr. Calories: 240 kcal.
temnyy boksmaster
Dark Box Master
Dark BoxMaster – KFC. So great BoxMaster with juicy dark chicken thigh fillet in the original breading, with BBQ mayo sauce, fresh lettuce, onions, emmentaler cheese, tomatoes, jalapeno and potato
shefburger de lyuks
By Luxe Chefburger
Chef De Luxe – KFC. The chef’s burger is now De Luxe! Juicy steak in the original breading, tomato, lettuce, iceberg, Caesar sauce, delicious bun, slice of cheese and a slice of bacon.
domashniy basket xl
XL shopping basket
XL household baskets – KFC. 12 sharp wings, 12 strips (original / sharp), 6 legs, basketball chips Weight: 330g. Proteins: 0 gr. Fat: 0 gr. Carbohydrates: 11 gr. Calories: 45 kcal.
morozhenoe kit kat s shokoladnym toppingom
Kit Kats of ice cream with chocolate coating
KitKat ice cream with chocolate coating – KFC. Soft and creamy ice cream with a chocolate coating and crispy KitKat® waffle crumbs. Weight: 500 g. Proteins: 0 g. Fat: 0 gr. Carbohydrates: 10.
sanders basket
Sanders Basket
Sanders Baskets – KFC. Colonel Sanders baskets! chicken thigh, 2 spicy chicken wings, 2 spicy or original strips, chicken fillet bytes 63 gr Weight: 200 gr. Proteins: 12.1 gr.