basket s 12 kryl ev
S baskets 12 wings – KFC CA
S baskets 12 wings 12 wings in a spicy empanado. Weight: 60g. Proteins: 3.8 g. Grease: 15.5 g. Carbohydrates: 30.
1 tost s syrom
Toast with cheese – KFC SA
Toast with two slices of cheese.A good day starts with nice little things. Toast with cheese Weight: 80 grams Caloric content
hashbraun kfs
Hushbrown in KFC – KFC NZ
Weight: 37G. Hushbrown in KFC The hashbrown is a donut (chop) of deliciously tender potato, fried in oil, with a thin crust.
3 Veggie Strips meal
3 Veggie Strips meal – KFC 3 Veggie strips, with KFC’s crunchiness and original recipe.
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Chefburger Original – KFC CA
The Chef’s Original Burger Try the chef’s new signature burger.Tender Caesar sauce, juicy original breaded steak
Bytes – KFC SA
Fresh and juicy pieces of chicken in a crispy spicy breading.An explosion of flavor for lovers of spicy sensations.
1 7up mohito
7up Mojitos – KFC IR
7up Mojito is the perfect invigorating combination of minty freshness and subtle citrus flavour. All this at an affordable price.
medium stripsy originalnye 3 sht b5a84083b9
The strips are original – 3 pieces – KFC AU
The strips are original – 3 pieces Only your favorite flavor, and nothing else. The chicken fillets, deliciously tender
Large Fries – KFC PK
Large Fries Fries Large.
medium basket 8 nozhek originalnyj 8d05317f9c
Baskets 8 original stinging objects – KFC AU
Baskets 8 original stinging objects 8 spicy legs, STD chips.
Aj Tvister CHiz
I-Twister Cheese – KFC ID
You can try I-Twister cheese at one of the KFC restaurants. The taste of juicy chicken with soft cheese and cheese sauce
img 62f773f679c79
Combo with 2 Boxmasters – KFC CA
Combo with 2 Boxmasters 2 Spicy Boxmasters, 6 Strips, Basket of Chips, Choice of 2 Drinks 0.4, Choice of 2 Sauces Weight: 186g.
rozhdestvenskij temnyj burger
Dark Christmas Burger – KFC SA
New!Juicy dark Christmas burger with tasty rye bun, cranberry sauce, juicy dark steak with original flavor and fresh vegetables.
salat terijaki
Teriyaki KFC salad – KFC NZ
Weight: 164 g Teriyaki KFC salad The Teriyaki salad is perfect as delicious garrison and as an independent dish.

KFC Menu Nutrition Facts & Calorie Information

For many years, the fast food chain KFC has stood for quality and delights its customers with a wide range of dishes and beverages. The food here is always of excellent quality, cheap prices and courteous staff. The chain continues to develop actively and becomes more accessible in the capital and major cities, as well as in the Russian regions. KFC kitchen favorites don't change - specialty hot wings, cheeseburgers, and longers.

Do you want to have breakfast or just hang out at a coffee shop with a burger and coffee and pay the bare minimum? The coffee shop chain offers that opportunity. For added convenience, you can order KFC products at home or at work and delivery is free.

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