Legendary meal
Legendary meal – KFC “It’s not just a sandwich, it’s a real chicken burgers’ boss! Juicy and 100% KFC chicken
3 sousa po cene 2
3 sauces for the price of 2 KFC – KFC NZ
No coupon is required 3 sauces for the price of 2 KFC Three sauces for the price of two: Do not miss this tasty bargain!
medium ketchup tomatnyj dbcf4d341f
Tomato Ketchup – KFC AU
Tomato Ketchup
pirozhnoe chernyy les
Black Forest Cake
Black Forest Cake – KFC. Soft sponge cake dessert with cherry filling and chocolate shavings Weight: 139 g.
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8 spicy strips – KFC CA
8 spicy strips 8 slices of crispy breaded spicy chicken fillet. Weight: 248g. Proteins: 23.1 g. Fats: 12.8 gr.
pita voctochnaya
Eastern pitta – KFC IR
The Oriental Pita is a crisp summer experiment and consists of: Eastern pitta Flat bread; the original chicken strips;
basket dujet kfs
Sharp Duo Basket – KFC AE
Weight: 492g Sharp Duo Basket Basket Duo Spicy is a delicious combination of a crispy side dish and a tender meaty snack.
Rizo Rice – KFC BD
Perfectly cooked KFC signature rice to fill your hunger ! Rizo Rice
Sharp Special Boxmaster – KFC PH
Sharp Special Boxmaster Hard reset!A powerful boost of energy in our Boxmaster!Juicy chicken fillet in original or spicy
Hot and spicy chefburger – KFC PH
Hot and spicy chefburger The Spicy Chefburger’s chicken fillet is prepared according to Colonel Sanders’
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Cherry ice cream – KFC UK
Cafe Ice Cherry Ice Coffee Cherry is a new refreshing chef drink: a cold coffee with a delicate milk foam and the addition
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Garlic sauce – KFC AU
Garlic sauce
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Original Luxe Twister – Kfc CA
Original Luxe Twister Plates of the most tender chicken fillet in a crispy original empanado with bacon spine, founding cheese
kofe dvojnoj jekspresso
Espresso – KFC AE
Volume: 200ml Espresso Double Espresso: Two shots of strong, brewed coffee in a single cup.Even more flavor and aroma from

KFC Menu Nutrition Facts & Calorie Information

For many years, the fast food chain KFC has stood for quality and delights its customers with a wide range of dishes and beverages. The food here is always of excellent quality, cheap prices and courteous staff. The chain continues to develop actively and becomes more accessible in the capital and major cities, as well as in the Russian regions. KFC kitchen favorites don't change - specialty hot wings, cheeseburgers, and longers.

Do you want to have breakfast or just hang out at a coffee shop with a burger and coffee and pay the bare minimum? The coffee shop chain offers that opportunity. For added convenience, you can order KFC products at home or at work and delivery is free.

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