Junior Spicy Burger – KFC MY

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The Junior Spicy differs from the Chef’s Burger only in its lighter weight and the addition of two chicken strips in the usual seasoned breading, instead of the fillet. The fresh wheat bun with black and white sesame seeds, crispy pickles, iceberg lettuce, onion and hot burger sauce remain the same and create the familiar and popular flavor of Sanders dishes.

Junior Spicy Burger

Weight – 161g.

per 100 gr.

On the plate

calories250 calories402 calories
Protein13.6 g21.9 g
fats10 g16.1 g
carbohydrates26.5 g42.7 g

*The weights and the figures of the energy and nutritional values may vary between the restaurant chains, periodic changes in the composition and formulation of the products are also allowed without prior notice.

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