661260992 aqua minerale ne gazirovannaya 600x600
Aqua Minerale still – KFC UK
Aqua Minerale Alambic Aqua Minerale is water without purified gas. Calories Calories (0.0 kcal throughout
468599325 malinovyj limonad 600x600
Raspberry lemonade – KFC UK
Raspberry lemonade – KFC Raspberry lemonade is a vigorizing drink with raspberry flavor and a touch of ice.
778732414 pirogok s vishnej 600x600
Cherry cake – KFC UK
Cherry cake The cherry cake is a two-layer hot cake with cherry jam in a crunchy dough. Calories 308
84393335 pirogok klubnika slivochnyj syr 600x600
Cheese cream cake with strawberries – KFC UK
Strawberry cake and cream cheese: Description, ingredients, calories The cake of strawberries and cream
445037772 stripsy ostrye 600x600
Spicy strips – KFC UK
Spicy strips: Description, ingredients, calories Spicy Strips are tender chicken steaks pied by hand
542808573 aqua minerale gazirovannaya 600x600
Aqua mineral with gas – KFC UK
Foamy Water Acqua Minerale Aqua Minerale is a purified sparkling water. Calories Calories (0.
139611361 ajs kofe chereshnya 600x600
Cherry ice cream – KFC UK
Cafe Ice Cherry Ice Coffee Cherry is a new refreshing chef drink: a cold coffee with a delicate milk
72115472 shefburger ostryj 600x600
Spicy chef hamburger – KFC UK
Hot & Spicy Chefburger Spicy Chefburger is spicy chicken on a spicy hot & spicy pie, succulent
167424615 naggetsy 600x600
Nuggets – KFC UK
Nuggets The nuggets are appetizing chicken pieces with juicy and tender fillets, fried in tempura in
592678725 basket 5 nogek 600x600
Baskets 5 feet – KFC UK
Baskets 5 legs Baskets 5 legs are 5 original chicken legs and 2 small potato chips.This dish is only