MoY Basket s nozhkami 1
My baskets with legs – KFC JM
My baskets with legs For those who want a tasty snack and, at the same time, receive a boost of energy and good mood, KFC prepares the best baskets. They are sets that offer a tasty and satisfying combination
MoY Basket s KrylYa mi 1
My baskets with wings – KFC JM
My baskets with wings KFC baskets are excellent sets consisting of succulent chicken dishes, in some cases topped with potatoes. One of them is My baskets with wings. If you like spicy gastronomic sensations
Tvister De LYu ks OstrYy 1 1
Twister De Luxe Spicy – KFC JM
Twister De Luxe Spicy KFC sandwiches have a pleasant taste and excellent ability to satisfy hunger. That’s why you can visit your nearest KFC restaurant during lunch and enjoy a spicy Twister De Luxe, for example.
Ketchup TomatnYy 1 1
Tomato ketchup – KFC JM
Tomato ketchup Ketchup is one of the favorite sauces around the world, but in our country it is especially appreciated because it goes with many dishes, perfectly complementing them and giving them new flavor nuances.
sanders basket 1
Sanders basket – KFC JM
Sanders basket For lovers of mouth-watering chicken in all its forms, KFC has a special Sanders basket. All the best chicken sandwiches in one great set will make your afternoon snack unforgettably delicious.
Limonad MarakuY Ya Mango 1
Mango lemonade and passion fruit – KFC JM
Mango lemonade and passion fruit If you are thirsty after a busy food in KFC, be sure to drink a tasty drink like a lemonade with the exclusive flavors of the fruit of passion and mango.
Naggetsy 1
Nuggets – KFC JM
Nuggets What can be more appealing than small and tender chops called nuggets?They love both adults and children, and that is why they are so popular in KFC restaurants. What characterizes Nuggets is their
Longer 1
Longer – KFC JM
Longer Do you like tasty hamburger but can’t even tolerate one at a time? Then, look at the Longer in KFC. It stands out for its small size, as well as its attractive price. However, these are not all its virtues.
Syrnye podushechki 1
Cheese cushions – KFC JM
Cheese cushions For lovers of cheese in all its forms, KFC has an interesting snack: cheese cushions. These small and attractive patties seduce with their appetizing golden crust. It is simply irresistible.
Chizburger s lukom 1
Cheese burger with onion – KFC JM
Cheese burger with onion If you’re hungry and want to grab a hearty, nutritious and super tasty snack without breaking your budget, come to KFC. They have an amazing onion cheeseburger with a nice spicy flavor.