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Twister De Luxe Spicy

KFC sandwiches have a pleasant taste and excellent ability to satisfy hunger. That’s why you can visit your nearest KFC restaurant during lunch and enjoy a spicy Twister De Luxe, for example. Why choose it? Keep reading.

In the center of the plate is a thin wheat patty, with all the other ingredients conveniently crammed inside. The ingredients are traditionally fried chicken strips in a special spicy batter until golden brown, slices of aromatic bacon and a slice of melted soft cheese. In addition, the spicy Twister De Luxe is filled with vegetables: spicy pickled cucumbers, fresh onions and green salad leaves. The appetizing dressing of tomato ketchup and spicy mustard makes the sandwich extremely succulent and gives it a nice new taste.

It is impossible to think that it could have a better flavor, since all the ingredients combine perfectly. But if you have some fries with it, you will see that perfection has no limits.

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