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My baskets with legs

For those who want a tasty snack and, at the same time, receive a boost of energy and good mood, KFC prepares the best baskets. They are sets that offer a tasty and satisfying combination of succulent chicken and potatoes. For example, My Baskets with Legs is a great tandem that will please even the most demanding guests.

As the name suggests, this set includes two deliciously fatty chicken thighs. They are fried, but before they are breaded in a special mixture of the secret recipe “11 herbs and spices”. This is the cooking method that gives the legs their delicious crispy, golden crust. The chicken is complemented by some fine fries. It makes the snack even more satiating and nutritious.

My footed baskets are lovely, but it’s the sauce that makes them even more delicious and juicy. So make sure you get something suitable from the appropriate category on the menu.

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