Get KFC delivered with Grubhub

get kfc delivered with grubhub

Can I customize my order when I order online from KFC delivered?

It depends on the food. Some menu items in KFC come with a certain set of customization options. If you have a meal request that is not on the list, you can always write it down in the “Special Instructions” field.

Will my hot (or cold) food from KFC be the right temperature when I receive it?

Restaurants package items to maintain temperature, quality, and freshness and to ensure delivery orders are maintained during customer trips. We have plenty of drivers to get our food delivery orders out on time, so your KFC food always arrives fresh, delicious, and served at the correct temperature.

Is there any additional cost to send food from the nearest KFC?

Some restaurant chains and places set a minimum order for food delivery. Others do not. The same applies to service fees, which vary from chain to chain. For more information on meal costs, see the menu for your nearest KFC.

Does KFC have contactless delivery?

Yes, for your protection, KFC offers contactless delivery through Grubhub.

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