tvister ay
ITwister – KFC IR
The iTwister is a delicious combination of meat and vegetables in a thin wheat tortilla and consists of: ITwister wheat tortilla with cheese; chicken bytes; fresh tomatoes; iceberg lettuce and dressed with cheese sauce.
pivo bud 0
Bud Beer 0% – KFC IR
Bud 0% beer is a non-alcoholic beer with a bright hoppy flavor at an affordable price. Bud Beer 0% Calories: 33 Protein: 0.4g Fats: – Carbohydrates: 6 g Bud beer 0% volume: 450 ml.
shokoladnij fondan morogenoe
Chocolate fondant with ice cream – KFC IR
The chocolate fondant with ice cream is an exquisite dessert with a delicate chocolate and a light ice cream inside.It looks a bit like a cupcake.All this at an affordable price. Chocolate fondant with
Chefburger – KFC IR
The Chefburger Original is a popular burger in its own category and consists of: Chefburger bun with sesame seeds; original chicken fillet; tomatoes and iceberg lettuce; seasoned with Caesar sauce.
big sanders burger orig
Big Sanders Burger – KFC IR
Big Sanders Burger (original) – if you like it big and filling then try it, it’s very big and delicious.Contains: Big Sanders Burger brioche bun; chicken strips (3 pcs.);
chizburger luk2
Cheese burger with onion – KFC IR
The Onion Cheeseburger is a popular Sanders Hits burger that consists of: Cheese burger with onion a soft bun; the original chicken strips; pickles; onions; with ketchup and mustard.
basket duet orig
Spicy Basket Duo – KFC IR
Basket Duo (spicy) is a delicious combination of a crispy side dish and a tender meat sandwich, consisting of: Spicy Basket Duo Tokens (standard); spicy wings (4 units) spicy legs (2 units) Spicy strips (4 pcs.
pirozhok klubnika sir
Cream cheese cake with strawberries – KFC IR
Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie is a combination of a sweet filling and a super crispy baked crust.All this at an affordable price. Cream cheese cake with strawberries Calories: 271 Proteins: 3.
Pepsi in a bottle – KFC IR
Pepsi in bottle: Enjoy the most popular drink in the world at an affordable price. Pepsi in a bottle Calories: 43 Protein: – Fats: – Carbohydrates: 10.8 г Pepsi bottle volume: 1 liter.
pita voctochnaya
Eastern pitta – KFC IR
The Oriental Pita is a crisp summer experiment and consists of: Eastern pitta Flat bread; the original chicken strips; fresh tomatoes; iceberg lettuce; onions; seasoned with Caesar sauce.