Cheese burger with onion – KFC JM

Cheese burger with onion

If you’re hungry and want to grab a hearty, nutritious and super tasty snack without breaking your budget, come to KFC. They have an amazing onion cheeseburger with a nice spicy flavor.

In the center of the burger is a plump bun sprinkled with attractive corn chips. We made it without juicy tender chicken fillet, fried in the original breading until the skin is golden brown and crispy. The sandwich is completed with slices of cucumber, onion, green salad and, of course, a delicious slice of melted cheese. But that is not all. All the ingredients are seasoned with tomato sauce and mustard, thus achieving those spicy flavors that captivate the restaurant’s guests.

KFC’s Onion Cheeseburger is definitely worth a visit. It’s especially good with hot chips or country potatoes and a hot or cold drink.

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