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1/2 Gallon Beverage Bucket

The 1/2 Gallon Beverage Bucket is the ultimate accessory for any outdoor gathering or event. Made from durable and sturdy materials, this beverage bucket is designed to hold up to half a gallon of your favorite beverage. Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue, a picnic in the park, or a tailgate party, this bucket will keep your drinks cold and easily accessible. With its strong handle and easy-to-carry design, you can transport this bucket with ease and convenience. The 1/2 Gallon Beverage Bucket is also equipped with a secure lid, allowing you to keep your drinks fresh and prevent any spills or accidents. Whether you prefer soda, water, or your favorite alcoholic beverages, this bucket is the perfect size to accommodate all of your drink preferences. So grab your 1/2 Gallon Beverage Bucket and get ready to enjoy your favorite beverages wherever you go. Drink up and stay hydrated in style with this must-have beverage solution.

Half Gallon Beverage Bucket Ingredients

Enjoy a refreshing selection of beverages with our Half Gallon Beverage Bucket. It includes:

  • Coca-Cola
  • Diet Coke
  • Sprite
  • Fanta Orange
  • Dr. Pepper
  • Unsweetened Iced Tea

Calorie Content of 1/2 Gallon Beverage Bucket

The following table shows the calorie content of the 1/2 Gallon Beverage Bucket from KFC menu:

Item Calories
Cola 200
Lemonade 160
Iced Tea 100
Water 0

Price of 1/2 Gallon Beverage Bucket at KFC

Check out the average prices for the 1/2 Gallon Beverage Bucket at KFC:

  1. Regular 1/2 Gallon Beverage Bucket: $4.99
  2. Mega 1/2 Gallon Beverage Bucket: $7.99
  3. Deluxe 1/2 Gallon Beverage Bucket: $9.99
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