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3 Tenders Fill Up

Three tenders fill up with various supplies. Each one has a specific purpose and carries unique items. The first tender is filled with construction materials, such as cement, bricks, and steel beams. This tenders plays a crucial role in the building process, guaranteeing the necessary supplies are available at all times.
The second tender is stocked with medical equipment and supplies. Inside, you can find items like syringes, bandages, and medicines. This tender is essential for healthcare facilities, ensuring they have everything needed to provide proper medical care.
Lastly, the third tender is dedicated to transporting food and groceries. It contains fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and non-perishable items. This tender assists in delivering essential food supplies to communities, including remote areas or during emergency situations.
With these three tenders in operation, important industries such as construction, healthcare, and food distribution can function smoothly and meet the needs of the population. Each tender plays a vital role in its respective sector, making sure that the supplies are readily available when needed the most.

Ingredients for 3 Tenders Fill Up:

Enjoy a complete meal with our 3 Tenders Fill Up, featuring:

  • 3 crispy and juicy chicken tenders
  • A side of your choice (such as mashed potatoes, cole slaw, or mac and cheese)
  • A freshly baked biscuit
  • A medium-sized drink

The Caloric Content of 3 Tenders Fill Up

Find the caloric content of KFC’s 3 Tenders Fill Up in the table below:

Item Calories
3 Tenders 320
Medium Fries 340
Medium Drink 150
Dipping Sauce 45
Total 855

3 Tenders Fill Up Price in KFC Menu:

Check out the average prices for 3 Tenders Fill Up from KFC menu:

  1. Regular 3 Tenders Fill Up – $5.99
  2. Large 3 Tenders Fill Up – $7.49
  3. Combo 3 Tenders Fill Up – $8.99
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