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8 Piece Meal

Welcome to our restaurant!

Are you ready for a feast? Indulge yourself in our famous 8 piece meal!

What does it include, you ask?

Well, you will be delighted to find a delicious assortment of eight mouth-watering dishes.

Start with our signature appetizer:

A plate of crispy chicken wings, perfectly seasoned, and accompanied by a tangy dipping sauce.

Next, savor the tender and juicy slices of grilled steak,

followed by a delectable serving of fresh lobster,

sauteed to perfection in a fragrant garlic butter sauce.

For a burst of flavor, try our spicy jalapeno poppers,

filled with cream cheese and served with a side of cooling ranch dressing.

And you won’t want to miss our succulent herb-roasted chicken,

cooked to golden perfection, and served with a medley of roasted vegetables.

Finish off this incredible feast with a slice of our rich and creamy chocolate cake,

topped with a generous dollop of vanilla ice cream.

There you have it, our delightful 8 piece meal.

Get ready to enjoy an unforgettable culinary experience!

Ingredients of 8 Piece Meal

  • 8 pieces of KFC chicken
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Gravy
  • Coleslaw
  • Biscuits
  • Butter
  • Vegetable side
  • Soft drink

Caloric content of 8 Piece Meal

Item Calories
Original Recipe Chicken 480
Extra Crispy Chicken 520
Tenders 470
Grilled Chicken 420
Biscuit 180
Mashed Potatoes 120
Coleslaw 110
Corn on the Cob 80
Total 2380

8 Piece Meal at KFC

Discover the average prices for the delicious 8 Piece Meal from KFC’s menu:

  1. Original Recipe: $19.99
  2. Extra Crispy: $21.99
  3. Tenders: $20.99
  4. Grilled: $22.99
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