Combo BoxMaster – KFC AE

The BoxMaster combo will provide you with a satisfying satiety and vivid taste experience.Enjoy the original or spicy BoxMaster on a thin flatbread, golden fries and original or spicy strips paired with delicate sauces.Choose from spicy teriyaki, savory barbecue, ketchup, rich cheese, or garlicky sauces.Pepsi Cola, Mirinda, Saven-Up… choose a drink to your liking.

Combo BoxMaster

Composition of the BoxMaster combo

  • BoxMaster Original/Sharp
  • 3 spicy/original strips
  • standard french fries
  • Choice of drink 0.4: Mirinda, Pepsi Cola, Saven-Up
  • 2 sauces to choose: ketchup, barbecue, teriyaki, cheese, garlic
  • Calories: 1806 kcal
  • Allergens: gluten, egg and dairy products
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