Dark burger – KFC ID

You can try the Dark Burger sandwich at one of the KFC restaurants.

A burger with KFC’s most tender chicken thigh meat, with barbecue sauce, fresh vegetables, cheddar and emmentaler cheese, pickles and jalapeños on a tasty rye bun.

Dark burger

  • Protein: 32.7g
  • Fat: 31.9g
  • Carbohydrates: 52.3 g
  • Caloric content: 628 kcal


  • Original ham steak (dark),
  • Hamburger buns made from wheat and rye flour,
  • fresh tomatoes,
  • iceberg Lettuce,
  • Melted Elemental Cheese,
  • Barbecue sauce,
  • sliced melted cheese,
  • Mayonnaise sauce “Light” 28%,
  • Onions, pickled cucumbers,
  • Jalapeno peppers cut into circles.
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