Double dark burger – KFC ID

You can try the Double Dark Burger sandwich at one of the KFC restaurants.

An unbelievably large burger at KFC with tender chicken thigh meat: two fillets on a savory rye bun with BBQ sauce, fresh greens, cheddar and emmentaler cheese, pickles and jalapeños.

Double dark burger

  • Protein: 57.9g
  • Fat: 54.5g
  • Carbs: 77. 6 g
  • Caloric value: 1033 kcal


  • sesame bun,
  • spicy chicken fillet,
  • Oil Based Burger Sauce,
  • iceberg Lettuce,
  • Cream cheese,
  • pickled cucumbers,
  • Smoked bacon,
  • Onions
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