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The drumstick is an essential tool for drummers. Made of strong and durable materials, such as wood or synthetic materials, the drumstick is designed to provide the perfect balance and grip for drumming. With its elongated shape and tapered end, the drumstick allows drummers to produce crisp and powerful beats on drums and cymbals. It works in harmony with the drummer’s hands, providing the necessary control and precision to create rhythmic patterns and expressive fills. Whether playing jazz, rock, or classical music, the drumstick is a versatile instrument that helps drummers bring their creativity to life. A drummer’s drumstick is their secret weapon, empowering them to mesmerize audiences with their skillful drumming techniques. So, when you see a drummer with a pair of drumsticks in their hands, you can expect an energetic and captivating performance ahead.

Drumstick Ingredients

  • Chicken
  • Flour
  • Coating Mix
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Seasonings

Drumstick Calories: Find Out the Caloric Value of Drumstick at KFC

Check out the table below to see the calorie content of Drumstick at KFC.

Menu Item Calories
Original Recipe Drumstick 120
Extra Crispy Drumstick 150
Grilled Drumstick 180
Honey BBQ Drumstick 140

Price of Drumstick in KFC Menu

Here are the average prices for Drumstick:

  1. Original Recipe Drumstick: $2.49
  2. Extra Crispy Drumstick: $2.79
  3. Spicy Drumstick: $2.99
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