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Hot and spicy chefburger

The Spicy Chefburger’s chicken fillet is prepared according to Colonel Sanders’ secret recipe with a spicy breading. The vigorous spiciness of the chicken is complemented by succulent fresh and savory vegetables, house sauce and an airy bun topped with fragrant sesame seeds. Nutritious, fast and spicy – with KFC it’s easy!Ingredients for the spicy Chefburger: bread with black and white sesame seeds; spicy chicken fillet; lettuce;onion; pickled cucumber; burger sauce.

  • kcal: 222
  • B: 14.3g
  • G: 9.1g
  • Y: 20.9g

Ingredients: Spicy Chicken Fillet, Sesame Bun, Burger Sauce, Iceberg Lettuce, Pickled Cucumbers, Onions

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