6 Chiken Nuggets KFC – KFC NZ

Weight: 90g.

6 Chiken Nuggets KFC

Nuggets 6 pieces – delicious pieces of chicken with a juicy and tender steak, fried in tempura in vegetable oil “Vegaphry” until you get a delicious crunchy crust.The KFC nuggets use rapidly frozen halal chicken meat, raised in the best conditions and treated with special decontamination technology.Chicken nuggets: all the taste and benefits of natural meat.

Ingredients for 6 nuggets

  • Quick Frozen Poultry (Broilers) «Tempura Nuggets» (Halal broiler chicken fillet)
  • Vegetable Oil – Vegafry Blend

6 nuggets

Nutritional value 1043 kJ per 100g
Calories 224 kcal
Weight 90 g.
Protein 9.6 g.
Fats 13.8 g.
Carbohydrates 15.2 g.
Allergens gluten
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