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Basketball Combo KFC 2 Sanders

Composition of the combo

A combo with 2 Sanders baskets is a great idea for a good snack for two.The nutritious Set contains 2 Twisters Junior, 2 Sanders baskets and 2 bottles of a refreshing drink (Mirinda, Pepsi Cola or Saven-Up).Savor meat snacks and crispy chips with delicate sauce chosen: garlic, teriyaki, cheese, barbecue or ketchup.

  • 2 Junior Twister-
  • 2 Sanders baskets: Original / Acute-
  • Basket fries …
  • 2 drinks 0.4 to choose from:

  • 2 sauces to choose from: ketchup-, barbecue-, teriyak-, cheese-, garlic-
Calories 2436 Kcal.
Allergens Gluten, egg and dairy products
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