Chiken Mix Box KFC – KFC NZ

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Weight: 130g.

Chiken Mix Box KFC

The Chiken Meeks Box are original nuggets in tempura, previously battered in a special mass and fried until getting a golden and crunchy bark, and they have an unparalleled flavor and aroma.And the spicy snacks of tender grilled chicken sirloin have a structure and a succulence that makes the mouth water.

Composition of Chiken Mix boxes

  • Snacks of chicken fillet – spicy, small
  • Nuggets Chiken.
Nutritional value1966 KJ per 100 g
Calories409 kcal.
Protein30.1 g.
Fats22.8 g.
Carbohydrates21.2 g.
AllergensContains gluten and celery, soy products and sesame
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