9 original KFC strips – KFC NZ

9 original KFC strips

The Original 9 Strips are the perfect choice for those who prefer nutritious meals.Small pieces of chicken fillet battered in flour, egg yolk mixture and special flavor breading and fried in a deep fryer in Vegetafry vegetable oil.The crisp, ready-to-eat strips have an appetizing appearance, a pleasant aroma and a spicy taste.

Ingredients 9 Original strips

  • (Strips or) 9 fried spicy chicken fillets
  • Wheat flour for baking
  • Vegetable oil – VEGAFRY mix
  • Extra-sodium salt
  • Food flavor «KF MOR» Chicken flavoring
  • Mix of milk and eggs

9 Original strips

Nutritional value 1005 KJ per 100g
Calories 842 Kcal.
Weight 279 g.
Protein 81.1 g.
Fats 44.9-
Carbohydrates 28.4-
Allergens Gluten, soy products
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