Baskets S KFC 12 wings – KFC NZ

Weight: 300g

Baskets S KFC 12 wings

Basket S is a meat appetizer made according to a special recipe.Chicken wings battered in flour and KF spicy breaded, fried in special “Vegafry” frying oil.The result is a tender meat with a golden crust that is worth trying.

Composition baskets S

  • Chicken Wings 12 pieces Spicy
  • Wheat flour for baking
  • Vegetable Oil – Vegafry Blend
  • Food flavor «KF Spicy & Spicy breading»
Nutritional value 1273 kJ
Calories 1423 kcal
Protein 91.5 g.
Fats 97.1 g.
Carbohydrates 45.9 g.
Allergens Soy products, gluten
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