Chef’s Junior Spicy Burger – KFC PH


Chef’s Junior Spicy Burger

Try a tender, juicy and delicious Junior Chef Burger. Includes: wheat bun with black and white sesame seeds;2 juicy strips in a spicy breading; tomatoes; iceberg lettuce; Cesar dressing. The Chef Junior Burger features succulent strips of select chicken fillets in a crispy, tangy breading using Colonel Sanders’ secret recipe, topped with fresh greens, a juicy special sauce, and all on airy sesame seed buns. Enjoy a hearty and delicious junior burger at KFC.

  • kcal: 233
  • B: 13.3g
  • G: 10.1g
  • Y: 22g

Ingredients: Sesame Bread, Spicy Chicken Strips, Burger Sauce, Iceberg Lettuce, Pickled Cucumbers, Onions

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