Cream Cheese Spreads Recipe

Cream Cheese Spreads

Cream cheese spreads are delicious and versatile toppings that can be used in a variety of ways. Whether you’re looking for something savory or sweet, there’s a cream cheese spread recipe to suit your taste buds. These spreads are typically made with a base of cream cheese and then flavored with a variety of ingredients such as herbs, spices, fruits, or vegetables.

One of the great things about cream cheese spreads is that they are incredibly easy to make. All you need is some softened cream cheese and your choice of ingredients to flavor it. Once you have your ingredients ready, simply mix them together until well combined. The resulting spread can be used as a dip for crackers or vegetables, as a filling for sandwiches or wraps, or as a topping for bagels or toast. You can even get creative and use them as a base for appetizers or as a filling for stuffed chicken breasts or pork chops.


The cream cheese spreads typically require a few simple yet essential ingredients. The main ingredient, as the name suggests, is cream cheese. Cream cheese is a soft, mild-tasting cheese made from a mixture of cream and milk. It has a high fat content, which gives it a rich and creamy texture. Other common ingredients include seasonings, such as garlic powder, onion powder, and various herbs, to add flavor and depth to the spread. Some recipes may also call for additional ingredients like diced vegetables, smoked salmon, or cooked bacon to create specific flavor profiles.

In addition to cream cheese and seasonings, a variety of optional ingredients can be used to enhance the flavors and textures of cream cheese spreads. These can include ingredients such as mayonnaise or sour cream, which can help to make the spread even creamier. Other common additions include grated cheese, such as cheddar or Parmesan, which can add a tangy or sharp flavor to the spread. Fresh herbs, such as parsley, chives, or dill, can also be added for a burst of freshness and color. Lastly, some recipes may call for hot sauce or chili flakes to add a spicy kick to the spread.

Recipe Steps for Cream Cheese Spreads

Creating delicious cream cheese spreads is an easy and versatile way to add flavor to your dishes. Here are the step-by-step instructions to make these delectable spreads:

  1. Choose your flavors: Decide on the type of flavor you want for your cream cheese spread. Some popular options include garlic and herb, sun-dried tomato, jalapeno, or classic plain.
  2. Prepare the ingredients: Gather all the necessary ingredients for your chosen flavor. This may include cream cheese, herbs, spices, garlic, onions, or other desired ingredients.
  3. Mix the ingredients: In a mixing bowl, add the softened cream cheese and the flavoring ingredients. Use a fork or a mixer to blend the ingredients together until well combined. Make sure all the flavors are evenly distributed.
  4. Adjust the consistency: If the spread is too thick, you can add a small amount of milk or cream to achieve the desired consistency. Mix well to incorporate the added liquid.
  5. Refrigerate and serve: Transfer the cream cheese spread to an airtight container and refrigerate for at least an hour to allow the flavors to meld together. When ready to serve, spread the cream cheese on bagels, crackers, or your preferred food items.

These simple steps will guide you in creating a delicious cream cheese spread that can elevate the flavors of your favorite dishes. Enjoy!

Tips from professional chefs on making Cream Cheese Spreads

When it comes to making delicious Cream Cheese Spreads, professional chefs have a few tips that can take your recipe to the next level.

  1. Choose high-quality cream cheese: The quality of the cream cheese you use will greatly impact the taste and texture of your spread. Opt for a reputable brand that uses real ingredients and has a smooth and creamy texture. Avoid using low-fat or no-fat versions, as they can result in a less flavorful and less creamy spread.
  2. Experiment with flavors: Cream Cheese Spreads are incredibly versatile, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different flavors and ingredients. Consider adding fresh herbs like dill, chives, or basil for a burst of freshness. You can also try incorporating spices like paprika, garlic powder, or onion powder for some extra zing.
  3. Balance the textures: Texture is an important aspect of Cream Cheese Spreads. To achieve a perfect balance, consider adding some crunch to your spread. You can do this by adding chopped nuts, diced vegetables, or crispy bacon bits. This will not only add texture but also enhance the overall flavor of the spread.

By following these tips from professional chefs, you can elevate your Cream Cheese Spreads and impress your friends and family with delicious and flavorful creations.


I recently had the opportunity to try the Cream Cheese Spreads and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed. The spreads come in a variety of flavors, ranging from classic plain to bold and unique combinations like strawberry and jalapeno. The texture of the spreads is velvety smooth and creamy, making it easy to spread on any type of bread or cracker.

One of the flavors that caught my attention was the garlic and herb spread. The combination of garlic and herb creates a harmonious blend of flavors that adds a deliciously savory kick to any dish. I used it as a base for a homemade garlic bread and it turned out incredibly flavorful. The spread melted beautifully into the bread, creating a perfect combination of crispy and soft textures.

Another flavor that I absolutely loved was the honey and almond spread. The sweetness from the honey perfectly balances the nuttiness of the almond, creating a delightful taste that pairs well with both sweet and savory toppings. I enjoyed it on a bagel with smoked salmon and it was a match made in heaven.

In addition to their exceptional taste, the Cream Cheese Spreads also come in convenient packaging. The tubs are easy to open and reseal, ensuring that the spreads stay fresh for longer. This is especially important for me as I like to have a variety of spreads on hand for spontaneous gatherings or quick snacks.

All in all, I would highly recommend the Cream Cheese Spreads to anyone who enjoys a creamy and indulgent treat. With their range of flavors and convenient packaging, these spreads are a must-have in any kitchen. Whether you’re looking to elevate your sandwich or add a touch of flavor to your cooking, the Cream Cheese Spreads are sure to impress.

As a food enthusiast, I am always on the lookout for new and exciting products to enhance my culinary adventures. When I came across the Cream Cheese Spreads, I was intrigued by their unique flavors and versatility. I decided to give them a try and boy, am I glad I did!

The Cream Cheese Spreads come in a variety of flavors, ranging from classic favorites like plain and chive to more indulgent options like strawberry and honey. Each spread is made with high-quality ingredients, resulting in a rich and creamy texture that is simply irresistible. Whether it’s for spreading on bagels, crackers, or even using as a dip, these spreads add a burst of flavor to any dish.

One thing I particularly love about Cream Cheese Spreads is the convenience they offer. The containers are easy to store in the fridge and the spreads are ready to use straight out of the jar. This makes them perfect for quick and easy snacking or for whipping up an appetizer for unexpected guests. I also appreciate that they are made with natural ingredients and contain no artificial preservatives, which is a huge plus for someone like me who values quality and health.

In terms of taste, the Cream Cheese Spreads deliver beyond expectations. The plain flavor is smooth and rich, with a hint of tanginess that is perfect for balancing out the sweetness of fruits or the savoriness of cured meats. The chive flavor adds a refreshing and herbaceous note, while the strawberry flavor is the perfect blend of sweet and tart. I personally love using the honey flavor as a topping for pancakes or toast, as it adds a touch of sweetness without being overpowering.

All in all, I highly recommend Cream Cheese Spreads to any food lover looking to elevate their dishes. They offer a wide range of flavors, a creamy and indulgent texture, and the convenience of ready-to-use spreads. Trust me, once you try them, you won’t be able to stop!

I recently purchased the Cream Cheese Spreads and I must say, they have exceeded my expectations. As an avid cook, I am always on the lookout for high-quality ingredients to enhance my recipes, and these spreads did just that.

The texture of the spreads is incredibly smooth and creamy, making them a perfect addition to toast, bagels, or even as a dip for vegetables. The flavors are rich and distinct, with just the right balance of tanginess and freshness. I particularly enjoyed the garlic and herb spread, which added a delicious savory kick to my breakfast sandwich.

What I appreciate most about these cream cheese spreads is their versatility. Not only are they excellent for spreading on bread and crackers, but they can also be used as a base for various other recipes. I have experimented with incorporating them into pasta sauces, dips, and even desserts, and each time they have added a wonderful depth of flavor.

The packaging is also very convenient, with each spread coming in a resealable tub that keeps it fresh for longer. This is great because it means I can use a little at a time without worrying about the rest going bad. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase of Cream Cheese Spreads and would highly recommend them to anyone who enjoys cooking or simply wants to elevate their snacking experience.

I recently purchased the Cream Cheese Spreads and I must say, I am incredibly impressed. As someone who loves to cook and experiment with different flavors, I was excited to try these spreads. They did not disappoint. The variety of flavors available is fantastic, from classic plain to more adventurous options like garlic and herb or sun-dried tomato. Each flavor is unique and delicious, and they add a wonderful creaminess to any dish.

I used the plain cream cheese spread as a base for a savory dip I made for a party, and it was a huge hit. The creamy texture and mild flavor allowed the other ingredients to shine, without overpowering them. Everyone kept asking for the recipe, and I happily shared that the secret ingredient was the Cream Cheese Spread.

I also tried the sun-dried tomato flavor on a bagel, and I was blown away by how well the flavors worked together. The creaminess of the cheese paired perfectly with the tangy sweetness of the tomatoes. It added a burst of flavor to an otherwise simple breakfast, and I couldn’t get enough.

Overall, I highly recommend the Cream Cheese Spreads. They are versatile, flavorful, and add a touch of sophistication to any dish. Whether you’re using them as a dip, a spread, or a topping, they are sure to impress. I will definitely be purchasing them again and can’t wait to try out more of the delicious flavors available.

I recently tried the Cream Cheese Spreads and I have to say, they exceeded my expectations! The texture was creamy and smooth, making it incredibly easy to spread on bagels or crackers. The flavors were also fantastic. I tried the plain, garlic and herb, and strawberry varieties, and each one had its own unique and delicious taste. The plain spread was tangy and slightly salty, perfect for those who prefer a more simple flavor. The garlic and herb spread had a perfect balance of garlic and herb flavors, adding a savory and aromatic twist. And the strawberry spread was sweet and fragrant, just like eating a slice of strawberry cheesecake.

What I really loved about these Cream Cheese Spreads is that they were not overly sweet or heavy. They had a light and refreshing taste, making them perfect for breakfast or a light snack. I found myself reaching for them whenever I wanted a quick and satisfying bite. Plus, they were quite versatile. I not only used them as spreads on bagels and crackers, but also as a dip for vegetables and even as a creamy base for pasta sauces. They added a rich and creamy element to any dish I used them in.

Overall, I highly recommend trying the Cream Cheese Spreads. They are a delicious and convenient option for those who love cream cheese but want to switch things up a bit. With their creamy texture and mouthwatering flavors, they are sure to become a staple in your kitchen. Whether you’re a fan of plain, savory, or sweet spreads, there is a flavor for everyone to enjoy. Don’t miss out on this creamy delight!

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