Keto Crème Brûlée Recipe

Keto Crème Brûlée

Keto Crème Brûlée is a low-carb, sugar-free version of the classic French dessert. It’s a creamy, custard-like dessert that is traditionally topped with a layer of caramelized sugar. This keto-friendly version is made with heavy cream, egg yolks, and a sugar substitute, such as erythritol or stevia, to keep the carb count low.

To achieve the signature caramelized sugar topping without adding carbs, this keto version of Crème Brûlée uses a sugar substitute that can be torched or broiled to create a caramelized crust. The result is a rich and decadent dessert that satisfies your sweet tooth while still keeping you in ketosis.


Here are the main ingredients you will need to make Keto Crème Brûlée:

  1. Heavy Cream: This rich and creamy dairy product is the base of the custard. It adds a smooth texture and a delightful taste.
  2. Egg yolks: The egg yolks give the custard its thick and creamy consistency. They also contribute to the richness of the dessert.
  3. Erythritol: This is a keto-friendly sweetener that adds sweetness to the custard without adding any carbs or calories.
  4. Vanilla extract: Vanilla extract is used to enhance the flavor of the custard. It gives the dessert a warming and comforting aroma.
  5. Salt: A pinch of salt helps to balance the sweetness and bring out the flavors of the other ingredients.
  6. Xanthan gum: Xanthan gum is a thickening agent that helps to stabilize the custard and prevent it from separating.

Tip: Make sure to use high-quality ingredients for the best results. Fresh, organic eggs and pure vanilla extract will make a noticeable difference in the taste of your Keto Crème Brûlée.

In addition to the main ingredients, you will also need a few optional toppings to finish off your Keto Crème Brûlée:

  • Erythritol or stevia: These sweeteners can be used to create a crispy caramelized sugar topping on the custard.
  • Fresh berries: Adding fresh berries on top of the custard can add a pop of color and a burst of freshness to each bite.
  • Mint leaves: A few fresh mint leaves can be used as a garnish to add a touch of green and a hint of freshness to the dessert.

With these ingredients, you will be able to create a delicious and keto-friendly version of the classic French dessert.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Making Keto Crème Brûlée

Preparing a delicious and creamy Keto Crème Brûlée requires following a few simple steps. Here is the step-by-step process:

  1. Preheat the oven: Start by preheating the oven to 325°F (163°C). This will ensure that the crème brûlées bake evenly.
  2. Mix the ingredients: In a mixing bowl, combine 4 egg yolks, 1/4 cup of low-carb sweetener, and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Whisk until well combined.
  3. Heat the cream: In a small saucepan, heat 1 1/2 cups of heavy cream over medium heat until it begins to simmer. Remove from heat.
  4. Temper the egg mixture: Slowly pour the hot cream into the egg mixture, whisking constantly. This process, known as tempering, prevents the eggs from curdling. Continue whisking until the mixture is smooth.
  5. Strain the mixture: Strain the mixture through a fine-mesh sieve to remove any lumps or impurities. This will ensure a silky-smooth texture for the crème brûlées.
  6. Pour into ramekins: Divide the mixture evenly among four ramekins or oven-safe dishes. Place the ramekins in a large baking dish or roasting pan.
  7. Bake in a water bath: Pour hot water into the baking dish or roasting pan until it reaches about halfway up the sides of the ramekins. This creates a water bath, which helps the crème brûlées cook gently and evenly.
  8. Bake and chill: Carefully transfer the baking dish to the preheated oven and bake for about 30-35 minutes, or until the edges are set but the centers still jiggle slightly. Once baked, remove the ramekins from the water bath and let them cool to room temperature. Then, refrigerate for at least 2 hours or overnight to chill.
  9. Caramelize the sugar topping: Just before serving, sprinkle a thin layer of low-carb sweetener or erythritol over the chilled crème brûlées. Use a culinary torch to caramelize the sugar until it forms a golden brown crust. If you don’t have a torch, you can place the ramekins under a broiler for a few minutes, keeping a close eye to prevent burning.
  10. Serve and enjoy: Once the sugar topping is caramelized, let the crème brûlées sit for a minute to allow the caramel to harden. Serve immediately and enjoy the rich and creamy Keto Crème Brûlée!

Tips from Professional Chefs for Making Keto Crème Brûlée

When it comes to making a delicious and keto-friendly crème brûlée, professional chefs have some valuable advice. Here are a few tips to ensure your dessert turns out perfect every time:

  1. Use a Sugar Substitute: Traditional crème brûlée is made with regular sugar, but for a keto version, you’ll need to use a sugar substitute. Popular options include erythritol, stevia, or monk fruit sweetener. Be sure to measure the sweetener accurately to avoid any unpleasant aftertaste.
  2. Choose Full-Fat Dairy: Crème brûlée relies heavily on dairy products for its creamy texture. To keep it keto-friendly, opt for full-fat heavy cream and unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk. These choices will ensure that the dessert is rich and flavorful.
  3. Don’t Forget the Vanilla: Vanilla extract adds a beautiful aroma and flavor to crème brûlée. Use high-quality vanilla extract for the best results. You can also experiment with other flavors such as almond or coconut extract to create unique variations.

Follow these tips from professional chefs and you’ll be on your way to creating a mouthwatering keto crème brûlée that will impress your guests and satisfy your sweet tooth.


I recently tried the Keto Crème Brûlée recipe and I must say, it exceeded my expectations. As a follower of the ketogenic diet, I was thrilled to have a dessert option that fit within my dietary restrictions. The combination of the creamy custard base and the caramelized sugar topping was absolutely divine.

The recipe itself was fairly simple to follow, with clear instructions provided. I appreciated that the ingredients were all easily accessible and didn’t require any specialized items. The end result was a rich and indulgent dessert that tasted just like the traditional version.

One thing I particularly enjoyed about this Keto Crème Brûlée was how satisfying it was. The high-fat content made it incredibly filling, so I didn’t feel the need to overindulge. It was the perfect way to end a meal without feeling guilty or compromising my dietary goals.

The only slight downside was the cooking time. The recipe stated that it needed to bake for about 40 minutes, but mine took a bit longer to set. However, this may have been due to variations in oven temperature, so I would recommend keeping a close eye on it towards the end.

All in all, I highly recommend trying the Keto Crème Brûlée recipe. It’s a delicious and satisfying dessert that fits perfectly into a ketogenic lifestyle. Whether you’re a seasoned keto eater or just looking for a healthier dessert option, this recipe is definitely worth a try.

The Keto Crème Brûlée is an absolute delight for anyone following a keto diet. As a fan of this low-carb lifestyle, I was thrilled to find a dessert that is both delicious and keto-friendly. The rich and creamy texture of the crème brûlée is simply indulgent, and the fact that it is made without any refined sugar or grains makes it a guilt-free treat.

What sets this Keto Crème Brûlée apart is its use of alternative sweeteners such as erythritol or stevia, which not only provide sweetness but also help to keep the dessert low in carbs. The caramelized top layer adds a satisfying crunch, and the creamy vanilla custard underneath is smooth and velvety. I was pleasantly surprised by how well the dessert turned out, considering it is a keto version.

The recipe for the Keto Crème Brûlée is relatively simple and easy to follow, making it a perfect choice for anyone looking to impress their guests or satisfy their sweet tooth. The combination of heavy cream, egg yolks, and vanilla extract creates a luscious base, while the addition of a touch of nutmeg or cinnamon adds a subtle warmth to the dessert. I highly recommend giving this recipe a try if you are on a keto diet and craving a decadent dessert.

I recently tried the Keto Crème Brûlée recipe and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious and satisfying it turned out to be. As someone who follows a keto diet, finding desserts that are both low in carbs and high in flavor can be quite a challenge, but this recipe definitely hit the mark.

The first thing that struck me about this Keto Crème Brûlée was the rich and creamy texture. The combination of heavy cream and egg yolks created a smooth and velvety custard that was simply heavenly. It had the perfect balance of sweetness, with a subtle hint of vanilla that added a touch of sophistication.

The best part about this dessert, however, was the caramelized sugar topping. It added a beautiful crunch and added depth of flavor that elevated the whole dish. I used a kitchen torch to achieve that perfectly brûléed top, and the results were fantastic. Each spoonful was a delightful combination of creamy custard and crisp caramel that made for a truly indulgent treat.

I also appreciated how easy this Keto Crème Brûlée recipe was to make. With just a few simple ingredients and a little bit of time, I was able to create a dessert that could easily rival any high-end restaurant. It was the perfect way to impress guests or treat myself to something special.

All in all, I highly recommend giving this Keto Crème Brûlée recipe a try. It’s a delicious and satisfying dessert that is perfect for anyone following a keto diet or simply looking for a decadent treat. The flavors are spot on, the texture is incredible, and the caramelized sugar topping is the icing on the cake. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

The Keto Crème Brûlée is a delicious and satisfying dessert that is perfect for those following a keto or low-carb diet. As someone who loves to indulge in sweet treats, finding a dessert that fits within my dietary restrictions can often be a challenge. However, this Keto Crème Brûlée exceeded my expectations and left me wanting more.

The texture of the custard was creamy and smooth, with just the right amount of sweetness. The vanilla flavor was rich and decadent, and the caramelized sugar crust on top added a satisfying crunch. I appreciated that this recipe used natural sweeteners like erythritol and stevia, which kept the dessert low in carbs but still delicious.

What I loved most about this Keto Crème Brûlée is that it didn’t feel like a compromise. It tasted just as good, if not better, than traditional crème brûlée. I enjoyed every spoonful and didn’t miss the carbs at all. This dessert is a testament to the fact that you don’t have to give up your favorite treats when following a keto lifestyle.

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