KFC Junior Chefburger – KFC NZ

Weight: 174g

KFC Junior Chefburger

The Junior Chefburger is a delicious hamburger with meat and vegetables.Original chicken strips, fried to get a delicious golden bark, complemented with fresh tomatoes, juicy lettuce iceberg, delicate césar sauce and an airy sesame muffin: a nice snack for good humor.

Composition of Junior Hamburger

  • Original chicken strips
  • Sesame muffin
  • Oil-based César Sauce
  • Fresh tomatoes
  • Lettuce Iceberg.
Nutritional value 969 KJ.
Calories 248 Kcal.
Protein 12.5 g.
Fats 10.4-
Carbohydrates 26.1-
Allergens Gluten of wheat, sesame seeds, egg and dairy products
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