Potato Logs Recipe for a Satisfying Snack

Potato Logs

Do you love potatoes, but want to try something different than the usual mashed or fried options? Then you should try making potato logs! These crispy and delicious potato logs are a great alternative to french fries and make a perfect side dish or snack. They are made by cutting potatoes into long, thin strips and then seasoning and baking them in the oven until they are golden brown and crispy.

The key to making perfect potato logs is to choose the right type of potato. Russet potatoes are the best choice for this recipe as they have a high starch content and less moisture, which helps them crisp up nicely in the oven. You can also leave the skin on the potatoes for added texture and flavor.


To make potato logs, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 5 potatoes
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 1 teaspoon of garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon of paprika
  • 1 teaspoon of dried oregano
  • 1/2 teaspoon of black pepper

The main ingredient for potato logs is, of course, potatoes. You will need 5 medium-sized potatoes for this recipe. The potatoes will be sliced into long logs, giving them their distinctive shape.

In addition to the potatoes, you will need a few seasonings to enhance the flavor. Olive oil is used to coat the potatoes and help them become crispy when baked. Salt, garlic powder, paprika, dried oregano, and black pepper are mixed together to create a flavorful seasoning blend.

By using these ingredients, you will end up with delicious potato logs that are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, with a savory and aromatic flavor. These make a great side dish or snack for any occasion.

Preparation of Potato Logs

To prepare Potato Logs, you will need the following ingredients: potatoes, oil, salt, and any desired seasonings such as paprika or garlic powder.

  1. Start by preheating the oven to 400°F (200°C).
  2. Wash and peel the potatoes, then cut them into long, thin logs. You can use a knife or a potato cutter for this step.
  3. Place the potato logs in a large bowl and drizzle them with oil. Use your hands or a spoon to toss the logs, ensuring they are evenly coated with oil.
  4. Spread the potato logs out on a baking sheet, making sure they are in a single layer and not touching each other. Sprinkle them with salt and any desired seasonings.
  5. Bake the potato logs in the preheated oven for about 30-35 minutes, or until they are golden brown and crispy.
  6. Once they are cooked, remove the potato logs from the oven and let them cool slightly before serving.

These Potato Logs make a delicious side dish or snack, and can be served with ketchup, ranch dressing, or any other dipping sauce of your choice. Enjoy!

Tips from professional chefs for making Potato Logs

When making Potato Logs, it is essential to choose the right type of potato. Russet potatoes are ideal for this recipe as they are starchy and have a fluffy texture when cooked. Make sure to wash and scrub the potatoes thoroughly to remove any dirt or debris. It is also recommended to leave the skin on for added flavor and texture.

After cutting the potatoes into logs, it is important to soak them in cold water for at least 30 minutes. This step helps to remove excess starch from the potatoes, resulting in a crispier and less greasy final product. Once soaked, pat the potato logs dry with a paper towel to remove any extra moisture before frying.

When frying the Potato Logs, the oil temperature is crucial. Heat the oil to 375°F (190°C) before adding the potato logs. Maintaining the proper oil temperature throughout the frying process ensures that the logs cook evenly and become crispy on the outside while remaining soft and fluffy on the inside. Use a frying thermometer to monitor the oil temperature and adjust the heat as needed.


I recently tried the Potato Logs recipe and I must say, it was absolutely delicious. The combination of the crispy exterior and the soft, fluffy interior made for the perfect texture. The flavor was outstanding as well, with a hint of garlic and herbs that added a savory touch. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to prepare this dish. All it took was a few simple ingredients and a little bit of time. The result was a crowd-pleasing side dish that everyone enjoyed. Whether you’re hosting a party or just looking for a tasty snack, Potato Logs are definitely worth a try.

One of the things I loved most about the Potato Logs recipe was its versatility. I found that I could easily customize the seasoning to suit my taste. Sometimes I would add a bit of paprika for a smoky flavor, or a sprinkle of parmesan cheese for some extra richness. The possibilities are endless, and it’s a great opportunity to get creative in the kitchen. This recipe is also a healthier alternative to traditional french fries, as it uses less oil. I appreciate being able to enjoy a tasty snack without feeling guilty afterwards.

Overall, I highly recommend trying the Potato Logs recipe. It’s a simple and satisfying dish that will leave you wanting more. Whether you’re a novice cook or an experienced chef, this recipe is sure to impress. The combination of crispy exterior, fluffy interior, and customizable flavors make for a truly enjoyable eating experience. So why not give it a try? Your taste buds will thank you.

I recently tried the Potato Logs recipe and I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious they turned out to be. The combination of crispy potato skins and a soft, flavorful filling made for the perfect appetizer.

The preparation of this dish was straightforward and didn’t require any fancy ingredients. I just had to scoop out the potato flesh, leaving a thin layer around the skin, and then mix it with cheese, bacon, and green onions. I also added some spices to give it an extra kick of flavor. Once the filling was ready, I stuffed it back into the potato skins and baked them until they were golden and crispy.

The result was a bite-sized piece of heaven. The potato skins were crunchy and packed with flavor, while the filling added a creaminess that perfectly complemented the texture. The combination of cheese, bacon, and green onions was simply irresistible. It was like having a loaded baked potato in every bite.

I would highly recommend giving the Potato Logs recipe a try. It’s a simple yet impressive appetizer that is sure to please both guests and family members. Whether you’re hosting a party or just want to treat yourself to a tasty snack, these Potato Logs are a must-have. I can guarantee that they will be a hit at any gathering.

I recently tried the Potato Logs recipe and I must say, it was an absolute delight! The potato logs were perfectly crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, making them incredibly satisfying to bite into. The recipe was easy to follow, with clear instructions and readily available ingredients. I loved how customizable it was, allowing me to add my favorite seasonings and toppings.

The potato logs had a wonderful balance of flavors, with just the right amount of saltiness and a hint of warmth from the spices. The texture was spot on, with a nice crunch when bitten into. I especially enjoyed the slightly caramelized edges, which added a nice touch of sweetness to each bite. The logs were also perfectly cooked, not too greasy or heavy, making them a healthier alternative to deep-fried potatoes.

The best part about the Potato Logs recipe was how versatile it was. I could serve them as a side dish with a juicy steak or use them as a delicious snack for movie nights. They were a hit with my family and friends, who couldn’t get enough of these flavorful crispy potato logs. I even made a double batch and froze some for later, and they reheated beautifully, maintaining their crispness and flavor.

All in all, I highly recommend the Potato Logs recipe to anyone looking for a delicious and customizable potato dish. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a beginner in the kitchen, this recipe is a winner. I guarantee you’ll be reaching for these addictive potato logs over and over again!

I recently had the pleasure of trying the Potato Logs and I must say, they exceeded my expectations. These delicious potato snacks are the perfect combination of crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. They make for a great party appetizer or a tasty side dish. The first thing that caught my attention was the quality of the ingredients. The potatoes used to make these logs were fresh and flavorful, which really enhanced the overall taste. The logs were also seasoned to perfection, with just the right amount of salt and herbs. This gave them a nice savory flavor that was not overpowering. The cooking process of the Potato Logs is what really impressed me. They were evenly cooked, with a golden brown exterior that had a satisfying crunch. The logs were not greasy at all, which is often a problem with similar snacks. Instead, they were light and crispy, making them enjoyable to eat without feeling heavy. I also appreciated the versatility of these Potato Logs. They can be enjoyed on their own as a snack or served with a dip or sauce. I personally enjoyed them with a sour cream and chive dip, which complemented the flavors of the logs perfectly. The logs can also be paired with different types of cheeses or even used to make a delicious sandwich. Overall, I highly recommend trying the Potato Logs. They are a delicious and versatile snack that will satisfy any potato lover. Whether you are hosting a party or simply looking for a tasty side dish, these logs will not disappoint. Trust me, once you try them, you’ll be hooked!

I recently tried the delicious Potato Logs and I must say, they exceeded all my expectations. I love cooking and experimenting with different recipes, and these potato logs quickly became one of my favorite snacks to prepare. They are incredibly easy to make and require just a few simple ingredients.

The first step is to wash and peel the potatoes, then cut them into long, thin logs. I personally like using red potatoes for this recipe as they have a slightly sweeter taste. After cutting the potatoes, I season them with a mixture of olive oil, salt, pepper, and some paprika for an extra kick of flavor. I make sure to coat each log evenly with the seasoning before placing them in the oven.

Once the potato logs are seasoned, I bake them in the oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes, or until they are golden brown and crispy. The result is a batch of perfectly crispy and flavorful potato logs that are simply irresistible. I love serving them as a side dish or as an appetizer for parties. They pair well with a variety of dips and sauces, such as sour cream or ketchup.

The Potato Logs are not only delicious, but they are also a healthier alternative to traditional fried potato snacks. Baking them instead of frying reduces the amount of oil used in the recipe, making them a guilt-free treat. Plus, potatoes are a great source of vitamins and minerals, making these logs a nutritious choice.

In conclusion, I highly recommend trying the Potato Logs recipe. Whether you are looking for a simple and flavorful snack or a tasty side dish, these logs are sure to satisfy your cravings. They are easy to prepare, healthier than fried alternatives, and absolutely delicious. Give them a try and let your taste buds thank you!

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