Small KFC field potatoes – KFC NZ

Weight: 80 gr.

Small KFC field potatoes

Small potatoes in the style of the field: Easy and delicious!Frozen potato wedges and fried in vegetable oil.The mixture for frying is odorless and insipid, so the naturalness of the cooked product is preserved.Under the crunchy and toast cortex feels the tender potato meat with a rich flavor and aroma.

Ingredients for small town potatoes

  • Frozen potato wedges
  • Vegetable oil – VEGAFRY mix

Small town potatoes

Nutritional value 1110 kJ per 100g
Calories 212 Kcal.
Weight 80 g.
Protein 24 g.
Fats 13.9 g.
Carbohydrates 19.4 g.
Allergens gluten
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