Twister Sharp KFC – KFC NZ

Weight: 200 gr.

Twister Sharp KFC

Spicy Twister has been created to get bright flavor sensations.Spicy chicken strips, fresh iceberg lettuce and tomatoes with mayonnaise sauce wrapped in a thin wheat omelette.A nice and nutritious snack.

Ingredients for the spicy twist

  • Wheat tortilla
  • Spicy chicken strips
  • Fresh washed tomatoes
  • «light mayonnaise sauce» 28%
  • Lettuce Iceberg.
Nutritional value 1045 KJ.
Calories 491 Kcal.
Protein 23.3 g.
Fats 21.3 g.
Carbohydrates 51.5 g.
Allergens Gluten, egg and dairy products, mustard
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