1 Chiriyaki leg – KFC MY

1 nozhka tiriyaki

Who has forgotten that the leg is the most delicious part of the chicken? A great reason to remember and stop by KFC to eat: a tender chicken thigh cooked according to the chef’s secret recipe with 11 spices and herbs. The crispy breaded leg covered in sweet tiriyaki sauce flavored with honey and ginger and sprinkled with sesame seeds is a delicacy that everyone will love.

1 Chiriyaki leg

Weight – 113g.

per 100 gr.

On the plate

calories230 calories260 calories
Protein20.4 g23 g.
fats11.7 g.13.2 g
carbohydrates14.4 g16.3 g

*Weights and energy and nutritional information may vary from one restaurant chain to another and occasional changes in product composition and formulation are permitted without notice.

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