Cappuccino coffee 0.3 liters – KFC MY

kapuchino 03

Freshly brewed coffee beans, water, and thick milk froth – the medium cappuccino is perfect for lifting your spirits after lunch or getting up early in the morning when everyone is in a hurry to get to work or school. The milk foam buffers the bitterness of the coffee and sweet lovers can add sugar or have some dessert.

Cappuccino coffee 0.3 liters

The weight is 290g.

Per 100g.

On the plate

calories69 calories200 calories
Protein1.9 g.5.5 g
fats2.4 g7 g.
carbohydrates9.3 g27 g

*Weights and energy and nutritional information may vary from one restaurant chain to another, and periodic changes in product composition and formulation are permitted without notice.

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