Cappuccino coffee 0.4 l – KFC MY

kapuchino 04

The cappuccino is the preferred and most requested drink among coffee and milk lovers, for good reason. A large glass of coffee with foamed milk will help you wake up quickly first thing in the morning and not fall asleep after a heavy meal. A rich flavor, a pleasant invigorating aroma and a taste of fresh milk foam for a refreshing energy boost.

Cappuccino coffee 0.4 l

Weight 400g.

Per 100g.

In a dish

calories69 calories276 calories
Protein1.9 g.7.6 g
fats2.4 g9.6 g
carbohydrates9.3 g37.2 g

*Weights and energy and nutritional information may vary from one restaurant chain to another and occasional changes in product composition and formulation are permitted without notice.

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