Cheesecake with strawberries and chocolate – KFC MY

shokoladnyj pirozhok klubnika krem chiz

Less dough and more delicious filling.Be sure to try this hot chocolate cake made with a fine cocoa paste and a two-layer aerated filling. Delicate creamy mousse and sweet strawberry jam in a single gourmet dessert. Try a fusion of different flavors in a sweet KFC cupcake.

Cheesecake with strawberries and chocolate

Weight 70g.

per 100 gr.

On the plate

calories296 calories207 calories
Protein3.7 g.2.6 g
fats17 g.11.9 g.
carbohydrates32 g.22.4 g

*The weights and the energy and nutritional value figures may vary between restaurant chains, periodic changes in the composition and formulation of the products are also allowed without prior notice.

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