Cranberry and raspberry cake – KFC JM

Cranberry and raspberry cake

In addition to the delicious and juicy chicken and hamburgers, KFC offers delicious desserts that will be happy with bright and tasty accents. For example, you can have a small cake with a two -layer filling raspberries and blueberries. It will be a pleasant snack, which will help to be distracted from the hustle and simply enjoy.

The filling of blueberries and raspberries is simply a treasure of health benefits. The berries of which it is composed have a positive effect on the brain, the heart and blood vessels, the digestive tract and even have some anti -inflammatory action. And the golden layer of the dough is a wonderful source of pleasure. With just a bite of this delicious cake, it will be conquered by its pleasant crunch.

Complete the dessert with your favorite hot or cold drink. This will not only help you cope with the feeling of thirst, but will also add a new flavor to your snack.

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