Deluxe Chef – KFC JM

Deluxe Chef

KFC restaurants are known for their delicious burgers. In addition, new and interesting products are constantly being introduced. However, the Chef de Luxe has already established itself as a very tasty, filling and nutritious sandwich and is popular with many customers. What is your secret?The perfect combination of ingredients. Let’s talk about it in more detail.

A burger wouldn’t be a complete burger if it didn’t have KFC’s signature chicken fillet. It is always succulent, tender and very crispy, which is achieved by frying it in a special original breading. It also has chunks of ripe red tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, a slice of cheese, which gives it a milky flavor, and delicious bacon. All this glory is found in a bun puffed with sesame seeds and topped with the inimitable “Caesar” sauce. Is it possible to resist this sandwich?Definitely not. So order it at a KFC restaurant and enjoy.

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