Duo of baskets – KFC MY

basket duet 1

Romance has many forms, and spicy chicken fans will find in KFC a cube option to share with a friend or with their other half. Try the chicken fillet pieces in original or spicy empanado in baskett duo. The cube contains 4 juicy chicken strips, 2 tasty legs, 2 spicy wings and 2 small fried potatoes.

Duo of baskets

The weight is 466g.

Per 100g.

on the plate

Calories276 kcal1286 kcal
Protein15.6 g.72.7 g.
Fats16.2 g.75.5 g.
Carbohydrates19.4 g.90.4 g.

*Weights and energy and nutritional information can vary from a restaurant chain to another and occasional changes in the composition and formulation of products without prior notice are allowed.

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