Duo of baskets with original strips – KFC JM

Duo of baskets with original strips

KFC’s succulent chicken has become popular around the world for its unique flavor and special juiciness. What is especially nice is that the chain’s restaurants offer the perfect Basket Duo, which brings together all the best delicate chicken meat dishes:

  • Two appetizing legs, fried until they reach a beautiful golden colour, which seduce diners with their appetizing appearance.
  • Four soft strips in the original breading, prepared according to the secret recipe “11 herbs and spices”. The crispy crust is irresistible!
  • 4 tender and spicy wings to flavor the company.
  • A small portion of the traditional and much loved Potato Chips.

Come to KFC with your friends and enjoy a great basketball duo. Don’t forget to grab your favorite sauce from the restaurant’s menu and a tasty drink to round out the bite.

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