Duo of baskets with spicy stripes – KFC JM

Duo of baskets with spicy stripes

If you and a friend have decided to enjoy delicious and juicy chicken, hurry up to KFC. There you will find the perfect duo of baskets with spicy strips, with the best chicken dishes complemented by crispy fries.

The features of the Duo Baskett:

  • Four strips breaded in our signature spicy blend, prepared to a secret recipe.
  • 4 hot wings, which have become a favorite of many KFC customers.
  • 2 appetizing shanks fried to a nice golden crust.
  • A small portion of thin potato chip sticks.

That’s the kind of jolly company that gathers in a single Baskett. Be sure to buy your favorite sauces to make the appetizer even more delicious and nutritious, and don’t forget a delicious hot or cold drink to quench your thirst.

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