Glassed coffee – KFC JM

Glassed coffee

All aromatic coffee lovers must try glace at their favorite KFC restaurant. This drink is very interesting, it has its own turn, and the story of its origin is even covered by the legend. It is believed that one day an Austrian young man entered a cafeteria to take a cup of Capuchino. But the waiter did not have milk by hand, so he added ice cream in his place. He was delighted with the drink and asked her regularly. It was then that a new type of coffee appeared on the menu.

Yes, the Gläsé is a coffee with a delicious cream cover of a cold dessert. It is the ice cream that gives it its delicate flavor, which has already become a favorite throughout the world. Ask for a cup of Gläsé in KFC along with its favorite dessert to delight with the pleasant sweet taste and the vigorizer aroma.

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