Homemade baskets – KFC JM

Homemade baskets

If you and your friends are crazy about KFC’s juicy chicken, be sure to try the homemade baskets. It is packed with different chicken snacks that will not only fill you up and delight you with a unique taste, but also bring your loved ones together in good company.

Homemade baskets are:

  • Six of the best chicken thighs that taste good and look great.
  • Eight tender strips of white chicken with the characteristic KFC breading. You can choose the spicy strips or the original ones to your liking.
  • Ten incredible sizzling wings, breaded in a spicy batter and fried to a delicious golden crust.

This set is simply impossible to resist, so don’t deny yourself or your loved ones the pleasure. Get your favorite beverages on the go with homemade baskets to quench your thirst and add flavor variety.

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