Juice 0.25 l. apple/orange – KFC MY

sok sandora

Try the natural juice, made with crystal clear water and fresh fruit. A rich citrus flavor with pulp and a pleasant acidity, or the fragrance and taste of ripe apples, so familiar and loved by everyone since childhood. It will make you feel refreshed and quench your thirst after spicy fried chicken.

Juice 0.25 l. apple/orange

Weight 250g.

per 100 gr.

On the plate

calories49 calories122 calories
Protein0.6 g1.5 g
fats0 g.0 g.
carbohydrates12.4 g31 g.

*Weights and energy and nutritional information may vary from one restaurant chain to another, and periodic changes in product composition and formulation are permitted without notice.

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