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My baskets with snacks

If you’ve had a rough start to the day, are hungry and want a boost of positivity, head to your nearest KFC restaurant. They serve great baskets full of very tasty dishes. One of them is My Baskets with Bites. Why buy one in particular?Read below.

The main ingredient in this set is, without a doubt, the tasty Bytes. These are small pieces of juicy chicken breaded in Colonel Sanders’ secret mix of eleven herbs and spices. The breading makes the chicken taste really divine and brings a lot of positive emotions. As if that were not enough, My Bite Baskets come with French Fries as standard. Hot, golden and crispy, they are simply irresistible.

Get your favorite sauce to go with the baskets and your snack can keep you in a good mood and energized for the rest of the day.

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